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Fischers' One on One

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Dear Kickerz,


We feel you!


Finding quality training in Australia is painful. It sure is…


You might find the training dry. Or you might find it very inefficient.


Some say, their team doesn't train at all.


Whaaaaaat!? That’s a foul! *Phwwwwwht*


How are you supposed to be faster, stronger or get better at all???


Other than that, there are many other questions you perhaps ask yourself like…


“Am I too old to improve?”




“How could I possibly train myself?”




“What's the difference between amateurs and professionals?”


And with that not being enough there are countless other areas you could be struggling with, where no “man-marking” is done.


Either you wrestle with your self-confidence.


Conversely you could find it difficult to combine balling with work or school.


Now! It’s time to send those negative thoughts off to the sideline.


I'm telling ya… you are not alone!


So many players in Australia face the same challenges. 


Barely anyone gets taught how to prevent injuries…


Not even warm ups are common in most local clubs!


And the result of this…


You just don’t improve in any way!!!


I mean nobody wants to make that stupid mistake just before the end, which leads to a last-minute winner for the opponent! 


We are all the same.


Nonetheless… let me blow the final whistle right here!


It does not matter what your dream is.


If you want to go from amateur to outstanding amateur, or even semi professional…


If you haven’t played in ages and want to rediscover your passion…


Or if you just want to help your local club to get that bloody title it’s been waiting for…


There is a place for you in this mess!


And yes this place is in Australia. 


This place has the right attitude, it has the right environment and moreover the ability to create something big. 


It has what you need to make that next step…

Leave your former life behind and pull your promising future by its jersey down below!

Our Purpose

At Fischers’ we are destined to make your wish become reality. We are “playing the way we face” by closely working with you as an athlete together and by deeply considering your desires specifically! 


Each player has a different perspective and wants to work on different skills. We get that! And we support that!

Once your targets are purified, we are gonna volley any upcoming barriers or uncertainties. This mentoring initiative is driven by passion and only puts us to rest once everyone scores the amount of goals they want!

Due to well-organised training sessions and skilled consulting advice on and off the pitch we are confident to nutmeg your dream and bring it one step closer. Our biggest interest is to make you become the player you want, no doubt!

An Unknown soccer player is training to juggle the ball with his knees on an open field

Our Approach

The symbolic sci-fi framed eye describes the evaluation process of fischers’ one on one soccer academy

Evaluation Process

  • you will be challenged with diverse drills to evaluate your skill level

  • your goals and targets will be discussed in depth

  • you will receive early stage feedback about your performance gaps

  • we will consider your next steps together

The stick figure in front of a circled diagram embodies the individualised training program from Fischers’ One on One

Modified Practice Program

  • you will face our training program specifically designed for your development

  • the expectations will be adjusted to your demands

  • you will be constantly supported with demanding but entertaining expertise 

Two hands almost touching each other illustrate the nurturing process of a football academy

Nurturing and Support

  • enjoy your first rewards by analysing your current performance progress

  • progress will be readjusted based on the analysis

  • fine-tune your goals

Your Benefits

Free Trial Session

Get on-pitch impression before you commit.

Individualised Training

High-Speed-Development tailored to your needs.

Top-Notch Organisation

Full self focus and positive vibes

On & Off Pitch Support

Encouraged in every aspect

Fitness Improvement

Healthy Lifestyle

Contagous Passion

Infected by our love for football

Teaching Injury Prevention

Worry-Free Matchdays

Areas of Improvement

The sci-fi themed frame is a part of the areas of improvement once you get started with fischers' one on one


  • Ball control

  • Touch

  • Dribbling

  • Passing/Shooting

  • Skill moves

  • Coordination

Another frame of the 5 parts from fischers' areas of improvement describing all the game intelligence aspects

Game Intelligence

  • Decision making

  • Positioning

  • Transitioning

  • Awareness

  • Sports Psychology

  • Judgement/Risk-assessment

the thrid part of the improvement section which is all about soccer mindset and the mental game


  • Mental Strength

  • Composure

  • Coach ability

  • Self Motivation

  • Perspective

  • Confidence

This frame in a sci-fi design supports the forth part of the areas of improvment of fischers soccer academy
  • Strength / Stability

  • Oxygen Intake

  • Overall Endurance

  • Agility / Speed

  • Explosiveness


the frame for the last part of the "areas of improvement" section frames the injury prevention aspects included in fischers one on one soccer coaching

Injury Prevention

  • Flexibility

  • Mobility

  • Strengthening

  • Game Preparation

  • Muscle Activation


Positive Attitude

You are required to bring a can-do attitude, no matter what! As long as you are able to enjoy the process and keep grinding even when you face the most demanding challenges, we ensure to make you better session by session! Don't bring limitations on what you can and can not do. It is important to train fully open-minded in order to create a beneficial work environment.

Self Discipline

You are required to bring a certain self-discipline, which is different from the discipline we all know!

Self-discipline requires you to work on and push yourself even when nobody is watching.

It's about impressing yourself and not a coach, friends or parents!

When you decide to start training with us after your trial session, we need you to fully be with us!

You have to make the decision to get better yourself and strictly stick to it from the start and finish.

It's about the commitment you make to give it 100% focus and effort during each lesson!


A soccer players’ view across an empty football pitch at the halfway line facing empty stands

"I start early and I stay late, day after day, year after year. It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success."

~ Lionel Messi

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